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This blog catalogues the collaboration of two researchers, one from Taiwan and one from Scotland, who work together to understand how strategic land use can help cities and the people living in them to adapt to climate change. Their research has a particular focus on green infrastructure strategies, which provide nature-based solutions for enhancing urban resilience, both ecologically and socially.



Dr Wan-yu Shih is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Disaster Management at Ming-Chuan University, Taiwan. Prior to joining MCU, she was the postdoctoral research fellow of the Sustainable Urban Future programme at United Nations University (Japan), a think tank of United Nations. She worked closely with ICLEI and SCBD on the issue of local governance of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and was also involved in the project of local development for climate co-benefits.

Her research interests lie in the interdisciplinary nature of ecological planning in cities with special focus on green infrastructure strategy. Lately, she has conducted assessment of cooling services from urban green infrastructure and spatial heterogeneity of heat risk based on socio-ecological characteristics of urban neighbourhoods, by using remote sensing data and GIS for spatial statistical analysis.

石婉瑜 博士 是台灣銘傳大學都市規劃與防災學系的助理教授。在加入銘傳大學之前,她獲日本學術振興會聘任為海外特別研究員,在日本橫濱的聯合國智庫「聯合國大學 – 高等研究院」進行氣候變遷共效益與地方生態系統服務治理等研究,主要探討南非德班的綠色基盤規劃,並與國際地方政府永續發展理事會(ICLEI)以及聯合國生物多樣性公約秘書處合著「地方生物多樣性治理與行動計畫指導手冊」。



Dr Leslie Mabon is a Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Applied Social Studies at Robert Gordon University, Scotland. Leslie’s research addresses the social and cultural dimensions of environmental change, and he also has a strong interest in the interdisciplinary research process itself. Most recently he has been working on assessing social dimensions of climate adaptation within cities, and on considering how environmental and social science research can most effectively be integrated to inform policy.

Leslie’s research has been funded by the Japan Foundation, the British Academy, the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society of Edinburgh among others. Outputs from his work to date on governance of environmental change under situations of high social and environmental complexity have been published in journals including Environmental Science and Policy, Environment and Planning C, and Environmental Values.

Leslie Mabon 博士 目前任教於蘇格蘭羅伯特哥頓大學的應用社會學系,他主要研究社會與文化層面的環境變遷,同時對於跨領域研究的合作過程有著強烈的興趣。近期,他以城市中社會層面的氣候變遷調適策略進行探討,以期有效整合環境及社會科學資訊,為政策擬定提供參考。